Friday, August 21, 2009

Anna Sui Haircare Line 2009 With Agyness Deyn

Anna Sui Haircare Line 2009 With Agyness Deyn. Anna Sui brings something new to the haircare world with her new line of goodies for your hair. The ad campaign for her new line features none other than supermodel Agyness who is know for her stylish and unique hairstyles.

Anna Sui is confident in her new line and says that it's been proven to work at backstage runway shows and with Agyness featured in her ad campaign it just shows that the products were used on live models. The line features shampoo products along with conditioners and repairing hair treatments.

I love the design of the products the way the bottles are shaped and the rose featured on the bottles. Take a look below to see both the ad campaign and how some of the products looks.

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